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Are You Experiencing Any of the Following?Anxiety CBT Therapists in Palo Alto Therapy

  • Anxiety, Worry, Phobias or Panic

  • Obsessions or Compulsions, OCD

  • Work, School, Family Stress

  • Low Self-Esteem or Depression

  • Relationship Problems

We’re available to help you feel better through specialized counseling and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. At Palo Alto Therapy, we have the necessary expertise to help you improve your feelings, overcome problems, and achieve goals, all without long-term counseling. Our counselors also provide guidance, suggestions, and recommend homework activities between sessions.

Thank you for helping me make my life better.

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Palo Alto Therapy does not just provide talk therapy, but focuses on teaching skills to maintain therapy. You have a genuine interest in the client’s well-being and you offered a new way of thinking about or means of addressing my issues.” Past Client

Start Clearing Life’s Roadblocks

We promise a down-to-earth, but focused approach that keeps you comfortable while working towards tangible results. Together, we can overcome what’s bothering you and get you moving in the right direction.

Palo Alto Therapy CBT Therapists

Our CBT Therapists: Ernest Schmidt, Lisa Macedo, Bella Stitt, Anni Kelley-Day

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Your Problems

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is highly recognized across the psychological community for its proven effectiveness. CBT can substantially reduce your distress – clinical trials have clearly shown this. Another important advantage of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is that it tends to be shorter than many other therapy approaches. When used with our personable and down-to-earth style, it can produce amazing rewards that change lives.


 I liked the emphasis on doing concrete things to get results-writing down negative thoughts, trying to say things to counter those thoughts…

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Our CBT Therapists

Ernest Schmidt CBT Anxiety Therapy

Ernest Schmidt, LCSW

Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

Anni Kelley-Day, LPCC

Lisa Macedo, LMFT Cognitive Behavioral Therapist Anxiety

Lisa Macedo, LMFT

Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

Bella Stitt, LMFT


Specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we provide the most effective counseling.

Strong Relationships

Our relationship with you is valued. We provide caring, compassionate, and honest care.

Short-Term & Focused

With active therapists & tailored homework exercises we help you find relief in a timely manner.

Client Convenience

We offer after hour & Saturday appointments & friendly administrative staff to assist you.

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