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Specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we provide effective & caring counseling. Our therapists are passionate in delivering high-quality therapy & enhance their skills through the latest trainings.

Strong Relationships

Our relationship with you is valued & of highest importance. We are compassionate, respectful, & honest. Our professional counseling includes working side by side with you towards YOUR goals.

Short-Term & Focused

Our active therapists use tailored homework exercises to help you find relief in a timely manner. By keeping our meetings on track & targeting specific concerns we help you enjoy life again, usually in a matter of months not years.

Client Convenience

We offer appointments after 5pm & on Saturdays, we have friendly administrative staff to assist you & two locations: Palo Alto & San Jose. We work with children, teens, & adults, couples, & families as well as offer classes & therapy groups.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

The results I achieved with CBT was unimaginable. I started as a skeptic, now I am a convert, after reaping the benefits of CBT. Thank you!
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I’ve been able to use techniques I have learned from the exercises to slow down my thoughts when problems arise and work through whatever the issue may be, OCD or otherwise. Past Client