Client Comments

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Client Experiences with Palo Alto Therapy

Not everyone who sees us will have these reactions or results, even though our goal is to have every client say things like:

I have more hope and a more positive attitude about the future.

I didn’t know what to expect, I suppose I was just looking to talk to someone again like my last therapist. I didn’t know that I would actually be learning things like:

  • Slowing down my thinking
  • Taking my self out of the situation so I can see that things really aren’t as bad as they seem
  • Taking time to trust other people…Not automatically deeming them good or bad
  • Recording my thoughts and emotions
  • View myself the way my friends do
  • Becoming less anxious

I am very pleased with the outcome of this counseling. Your suggestions were very helpful and you were respectful of my beliefs and I greatly appreciate that. You were warm and caring, thus I was able to be more comfortable to discuss my problems. I am so glad I came to see you, thank you.

I liked the non-judgmental environment, patience, and good listening and view points.

I thought I wouldn’t get anywhere, but I did.

I am so glad I came to see you.

Humor seemed to help a lot to make stressful situations actually look funny. It helped me see myself from a distance and think about the situation.

I haven’t forgotten what you have done for me. You taught me how to get rid of my fixed thoughts, etc.. A thousand times thank you.

There was always a solution to overcome the problem and challenges that were resolved during the sessions.

Thank you for helping me make my life better.

I really enjoyed how flexible the conversation was. It seemed like you were really paying attention and interested.

I liked the opportunity to talk with someone about my problems, someone who I was sure I could trust and who is an expert. Thank you for helping me feel normal.

Initially I thought therapists just listen, and don’t offer practical suggestions. Working with Lisa became more of an emotional workshop, learning tools to not just figure out thoughts and feelings, but tools to maintain emotional health.

I appreciate the lessons I learned concerning my thought patterns and how to overpower my obsessive thinking. I have a better understanding of how life is viewed through the eyes of others.

I just want you guys to be able to help more people. I benefited immensely and my life has changed because of your service.

The office location and setting is peaceful and very calming. The quick mood survey before each visit helped to recap the week and recognize progress.

The counseling I received from you has been a very positive life changing experience for me. I don’t like having OCD but it is no longer consuming my life and I really feel like I have made such great progress in squashing it without using medication. I can’t thank you enough.

I recognize that cognitive therapy has a great power to change brain chemistry and I was amazed at the positive results of just four visits. I think you are an outstanding therapist.

I found the homework exercises to be very helpful to me. I’ve been able to use techniques I have learned from those exercises to slow down my thoughts when problems arise and work through whatever the issue may be, OCD or otherwise.

Thank you for helping me make my life better. For being patient and understanding. For giving me something to look forward to every week. For listening when even I didn’t understand what I was trying to say. For walking through the steps with me. Thanks for the lectures and even the homework that have helped me gain confidence in myself.

I have more hope and a more positive attitude about the future because I gained a lot of tools and information that I can put to use to help me achieve the level I want to achieve.

I liked the emphasis on doing concrete things to get results-writing down negative thoughts, trying to say things to counter those thoughts, etc.

Overtime I learned to implement the solutions that were discussed to other challenges I came across.

I really got a sense of empowerment and have felt like a strong person because of it.

Your understanding is very fast, if I explain a situation you seem to understand what I feel at that moment. It is very good and fast.

Palo Alto Therapy does not just provide talk therapy, but focuses on teaching skills to maintain therapy. You have a genuine interest in the client’s well-being and you offered a new way of thinking about or means of addressing my issues.

I appreciate everything you did for me. You aided my exploration of my innermost thoughts and helped me to analyze them.

There was nothing that I dislike. The process of communicating my thoughts was very difficult, but you were extremely helpful in throwing out ideas to help me focus on my inner thoughts.

I really liked my therapist’s personality and style. He brought to each session a comfortable blend of enthusiasm, empathy, humor, and practicality.

The results I achieved with CBT was unimaginable. I started as a skeptic, now I am a convert, after reaping the benefits of CBT. Thank you!

I found it helpful to talk about my problems, getting better insight on how my thought pattern affects the way I feel, and learning different ways to control my thoughts.

I felt like you really understood me and did a good job elaborating on what I was saying.