Are You Struggling with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD?

♦ Fears of Contamination or Germs

♦ Violent or Morally Upsetting Thoughts

Intense & Powerful Guilt   

♦ Constantly Checking or Seeking Reassurance

♦ Excessive Hand-washing or Other Compulsive Behavior

♦ Anxiety About Safety of Loved Ones

At Palo Alto Therapy we provide high-quality OCD treatment that will allow you to break free from these problems. Using research based methods such as Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) we will show you how to beat OCD and get your life back.
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Specialty Clinic & Institutional Member of the International OCD Foundation

“The counseling I received from you has been a very positive life changing experience for me. I don’t like having OCD but it is no longer consuming my life and I really feel like I have made such great progress in squashing it without using medication. I can’t thank you enough.” Past Client

Overcome Your OCD

You need the right treatment, and basic talk therapy is not enough. We have the training and expertise to deliver the techniques that work. We tailor the treatment to fit your needs and adjust it along the way. The majority of our therapists have been intensively trained through the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation on how best to help you get relief from OCD. Using evidence based methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) & Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) we will go at your pace and ONLY with your permission. We will adjust the level of difficulty to fit your ability, so we can be successful together.

“No matter how fearful or anxious I was you were always calm and professional. It was very helpful for me to see you, as a licensed professional, not disturbed by what I was saying.” Past Client

What Our Clients Are Saying...

The results I achieved with CBT was unimaginable. I started as a skeptic, now I am a convert, after reaping the benefits of CBT. Thank you!
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I’ve been able to use techniques I have learned from the exercises to slow down my thoughts when problems arise and work through whatever the issue may be, OCD or otherwise. Past Client

Meet Our Team of CBT OCD Therapists in San Jose & Palo Alto

Laura Tolle, LMFT, San Jose Therapist CBT Counseling Anxiety OCD Panic Teens Adults
Natalie Henry, LCSW
Natalie Henry, LCSW
Natalie Henry, LCSW
Ernest Schmidt, LCSW
Ernest Schmidt, LCSW
Sarah Nadeau, LMFT
Mary Montaldo, PhD Cognitive Behavioral Therapist
San Jose Therapist CBT Counseling Anxiety OCD Panic Teens Adults
Rory Cohen, LMFT Cognitive Behavioral Therapist
Megan Taylor, LMFT
Anni Kelley-Day, LPCC Cognitive Behavioral Therapist
Jennifer Estes, LCSW Cognitive Behavioral Therapist
Bella Stitt, LMFT
Kevin Ott, LCSW
Whitley Lassen, PsyD
Laura Tolle, LMFT, San Jose Therapist CBT Counseling Anxiety OCD Panic Teens Adults
Laura Tolle, LMFT, San Jose Therapist CBT Counseling Anxiety OCD Panic Teens Adults

Ages Served

  • Children 6 and up

  • Teens

  • Adults of all ages

Types of Therapy

  • Individuals

  • Couples

  • Family

  • Groups & Classes

We Help With...

  • Anxiety & OCD

  • Panic & Worry

  • Phobias/Fears

  • School Anxiety

More Help For...

  • Depression

  • Motivation

  • ADHD & Stress

  • School Refusal


Specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we provide effective & caring counseling. Our therapists are passionate in delivering high-quality therapy & enhance their skills through the latest trainings.

Strong Relationships

Our relationship with you is valued & of highest importance. We are compassionate, respectful, & honest. Our professional counseling includes working side by side with you towards YOUR goals.

Short-Term & Focused

Our active therapists use tailored homework exercises to help you find relief in a timely manner. By keeping our meetings on track & targeting specific concerns we help you enjoy life again, usually in a matter of months not years.

Client Convenience

We offer appointments after 5pm & on Saturdays & we have friendly administrative staff to assist you. We work with individuals (teens & adults), couples, & families as well as offer classes & therapy groups. Video Therapy available!