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Are You Feeling This Way About Your Relationship?

  • We’ve lost the closeness we used to have
  • I feel disrespected and misunderstood
  • Can we ever repair things after an affair or cheating?
  • My partner doesn’t know who I am anymore or what I need

Couples counseling with Palo Alto Therapy is a perfect way to start.

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Get Help, Regain What You Have Lost…

Understand each other and nurture your compatibility
Develop effective and loving communication
Strengthen your relationship through shared values, beliefs, goals and hope

“Extremely happy with the guidance, couldn’t be happier with the results…my quality of life has improved three fold. Thank you!”-Past Client

“There was always a solution to overcome the problem and challenges that were resolved during the sessions.”-Past Client

 Start Rebuilding Your Relationship…

Whether your relationship has gone stale, or infidelity has caused a painful rift between you, we’re here to help you get your relationship back on track with down-to-earth, yet focused counseling.

Using the latest couples and marriage therapy techniques we help you find needed and long lasting solutions.

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