Taking Charge of Emotions When You Feel Overwhelmed


It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. It happens to everyone! Not every day will be perfect, and that’s okay. What’s important is that we make sure we feel okay. There are many ways we can take charge of emotions when we start to feel overwhelmed by them.

Use Objectivity to Undo Rejection

Rejection can come in many forms. And sometimes, we don’t have to be rejected to feel rejected.

But learning how to boost our feelings of acceptance can make us feel less overwhelmed and more valued. We can do this by ignoring the negative reactions and opinions of others that don’t serve us.

While keeping our friends, loved ones, and those who make us feel good close to us. And finally, we can work on self-care and self-improvement to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

Ride Your Emotional Wave By Using The “Thinking Threshold”

Sometimes our emotions can be overwhelming, but we can ride that wave and still be okay.

That’s where the “thinking threshold” comes in!

The “thinking threshold” is a line that, if crossed, one would be considered not to be thinking straight. In that case, it’s better to try and go for a walk, splash some cold water on our face, call a friend or read a book.

Activities that take our mind off of our anxiety are better than pushing to talk it out or solve it when we’re not ready. 

Start Clearing Your Family’s Roadblocks Through Counseling

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