Long Distance Dating 101

Long Distance Dating 101


Not living in the same area as your partner doesn’t mean you can’t get closer to them – emotionally.

A strong relationship is about getting to know your partner on another level and letting communication flow easily.

You can keep a close connection, even though you’re miles apart…

Talk About It All

Don’t hold back with your partner. Talk to them about anything and everything that’s on your mind!

Yes, your partner may not get to see every part of your day, but that doesn’t mean they can’t experience it through your stories. And this works both ways.

Try to give each other the floor now and then so the focus is shared.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable; the strength of a bond is built on trust, after all!

Make The Time

What makes a long-distance relationship work best is compromise.

Busy schedules and tired nights will come, but having a schedule can make connecting a lot easier – especially if there is a time change.

Even if it’s every other day, seeing your partner via video chat can have a positive impact on your day.

Be Open and Honest

Relationships are not without their challenges, but all important things take work.

Honesty is what keeps a healthy dialogue going with any couple.

Along with the ups in a relationship, it’s also important to talk about the downs. Holding your feelings in won’t be beneficial for either you or your partner.

Communicating often, even about heavier topics, will make you stronger as a couple.

The key to a great long-distance relationship is mutual love, respect, and honesty. Let your relationship grow, no matter the distance.

“Love will travel as far as you let it. It has no limits.” – Dee King

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