Life Is All About Balance Technology Edition

Life Is All About Balance: Technology Edition


Life is a balancing act. 

Spending too much time at work, lounging around the house or on our electronics isn’t healthy for anybody. Putting too much energy into social media can leave us feeling unbalanced in other areas.

By reducing our time online, we can learn how to strengthen bonds and skills outside the screen.

The Ever So Common Habit 

Picking up our phone throughout the day is an activity so many of us do without even thinking about. 

The actual number of times you pick up your phone on a daily basis may surprise you. 

The Distractions 

Our brains are not designed to participate in so many activities at once. Picking up your phone while in the middle of something important can be very distracting and getting back in the zone isn’t always easy.

Put The Phone Away 

So many of us keep our phones by our side 24/7. We keep them on our desks at work or school – and on our bedside table at night.

Here’s a challenge for you to try out this week. When you are at work or school, make an effort to and keep your phone in your bag most of the day.

And at night, put your phone in a different room altogether. At the end of the week, see if you feel any different.

You may get more done during the day and even sleep better at night. This experiment may pleasantly surprise you. Give it a go and see what happens.

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