Learning To Be Comfortable With The Uncomfortable


Sometimes the best rewards are a result of the risks we take.

Think about it. 

You can’t grow as a person without moving forward. If you stay in the same place, you likely will continue to get the same results. 

Exactly why embracing situations that give us butterflies can help us grow! It all comes down to being comfortable with the uncomfortable. 

Embracing Challenges 

It’s only natural to be scared before doing something for the first time. But you’ll see – as time goes on, you will catch yourself becoming more comfortable with uncomfortable situations. 

Do you remember the first time you ever rode a bike, jumped in a pool, or applied for a job?

How did you feel before those moments compared to after? Chances are you felt calmer and proud. 

More often than not, the scariest part of any new task are those ten minutes before. 

Push Past Limits

Uncertainty is a part of life. 

We may not know what our life will look like next month or next year. 

But you don’t have to let the fear of the unknown stop you from embracing experiences. 

Saying no to new opportunities can potentially prevent you from something incredible. Trying something new can only go two ways.

Either you love the experience, or you learn a life lesson. 

Reframe Discomfort

Putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations doesn’t have to be something we fear.

It can be something we look at as a fun challenge! It can also teach us things about ourselves we never knew before! 

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