Every Relationship Has Something to Teach You

Every Relationship Has Something to Teach You


Reflecting upon what has worked and what hasn’t in past relationships can prepare you to jump in again! 

Here are a few tips to help guide you…

Take Your Time

After a relationship has ended, take the time you need to reflect and feel whatever it is you are feeling. 

Rushing the process and forcing yourself to feel better can actually halt the progress you’re making. 

It’s important to have time to look over your relationship and come to terms with the tangle of emotions you may be feeling.

Before you start searching for your next relationship, nurture the relationship you have with yourself. 

Once you’ve had the time to connect with yourself and understand why your past relationship needed to end, you can start getting back out there. 

Dos & Don’ts

What did you learn from your previous relationship?

Even though things may not have worked out the way you planned, experiencing that relationship has contributed to your growth. 

Question what values you want in a partner and create a dos and don’ts list.

This is a general list that can guide you to finding someone who upholds the qualities and values that are the most important to you.

Don’t Settle For Less

You deserve to be happy and to be with someone who loves you for who you are. In a relationship, you shouldn’t feel like you have to change or change the person you are with. 

Listen to your instincts and let them guide you. If deep down something doesn’t feel right you should respect those feelings and challenge them.


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