Why Self-pay for Therapy?

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You want choices.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety in Bay AreaWhen you use your insurance plan, your options are limited when searching for the right therapist. Your insurance company dictates who is on your approved list of providers, so from the onset of your search you are restricted. Choosing a therapist doesn’t have to be “rocket science”, but don’t you like the idea of selecting someone based on the fit with your situation rather than a predetermined list? You may also prefer seeing someone who was personally referred to you. When it comes to finding someone you trust with your personal concerns, choice is an important factor that can’t be ignored.

You value privacy.

Decisions about the length and type of therapy are back in your hands.

When you see a therapist through your managed care, often your treatment is overseen by your insurance company to decide how many, if any, sessions to authorize. This can include intimate details about your situation, as well your diagnosis. Privacy is an important part of effective therapy and having a third party involved in counseling decisions can undermine this. When you privately pay for therapy you and your therapist, alone, are in control of your information. Decisions about the length and type of therapy are back in your hands.

You don’t want to be labeled as having a mental health disorder.

Therapists that take insurance must provide a mental health diagnosis to your insurance company to show that your treatment is medically necessary. There are at least two problems with this: you may not like the idea of your insurance company having this information and you may not want to be labeled with a mental health disorder. When you self-pay for therapy you can get help for whatever you wish. You may be seeking assistance with stressful situations, relationship problems, excessive worry, or a host of other problems that don’t meet the criteria for a mental health disorder, but all of which can still be effectively dealt with in therapy.

You want personal attention and quality service.

Although many managed care therapists provide excellent care and great service, private pay therapists must build their practice without insurance company referrals. Due to this, they rely heavily on word of mouth referrals about their service and results. At Palo Alto Therapy, we take this very seriously and always give our clients top of the line personal attention and the best possible service. We cannot afford anything less, as our success and reputation depend on it.

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