Is Palo Alto Therapy Right for You?

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Is Palo Alto Therapy Right for You?

Every therapist is different and certain people will do better with certain therapists. Please take the time to read through the following questions to better understand the types of clients that do best with our assistance and to decide whether we would be a good match.  This list was written specifically for our current and future clients, to help them get the most out of therapy. Not all of our clients possess all of these traits, but we have found that people who understand what makes a “good” client tend to do better in counseling and get more for their time.

Do you have these qualities?

  • The ability to tolerate some emotions with the knowledge that improvement is around the corner.
  • Commitment to improvement and to work outside of the counseling meetings.
  • Honest and straightforward about your current situation and life-style.
  • Openness to feedback, suggestions, and different perspectives.

Your humor seemed to help a lot to make stressful situations actually look funny. It helped me see myself from a distance and think about the situation.

Past Client Read More

I learned to open up and talk more about what is going on in my life and helpful techniques on how to manage and overcome anxiety/anxious situations.

Past Client Read More

Do you appreciate?

“Therapy is about learning skills and tools, seeing things from a different, removed perspective, and getting support to change specific areas of your life.”

  • Honest feedback and direct discussions.
  • Motivation and optimism.
  • Suggestions and guidance about ways to improve or change current situations.
  • Working as a team towards your goals.
  • Someone who is supportive, caring, and wants you to succeed.
  • The power of the mind in respect to emotions and problems.

Do you value?

  • Strong and healthy relationships.
  • Education, information, and understanding about your problems or situation.
  • A comfortable and personal connection with your counselor.
  • A committed counselor who is willing to work hard along side you.

Do you understand?

  • That getting better usually requires facing some fears.
  • That therapy is not like a typical Dr. visit where someone will “fix” you.
  • Therapy is about learning skills and tools, seeing things from a different, removed perspective, and getting support to change specific areas of your life.
  • The importance of learning about the mind, emotions, and ways to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Do you agree to?

  • Commit to at least 4-6 visits in order to make some positive changes.
  • Complete homework that is agreed upon and discuss any negative feelings or reservations directly.
  • Be honest, direct, and straightforward during counseling.
  • Expect improvement and work towards change with the help and guidance of your therapist.

If you have answered yes to most of these questions, we believe you will do well with Palo Alto Therapy. This frame of mind will greatly serve you in therapy and will help you to be successful, whatever your goals.

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