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Breaking Free From OCD – Teen Group – Take Back Your Life With ERP!

Does Your Teen Struggle with OCD and Anxiety?

Is Your Teen Restricted Because of OCD and Painful Obsessions & Compulsions?

Are Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts and Time-Consuming Compulsions Controlling Your Teens Life?

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Our 8-week OCD Exposure Therapy Group for teens can help! The most effective therapy for OCD is Exposure Response Prevention ERP and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT. We’ve combined these powerful and life changing techniques with peer group support, for maximum effectiveness. At Palo Alto Therapy, we are committed to give your teen the tools to beat back OCD and live a healthier and more peaceful life!

Palo Alto Therapy is a Specialty Clinic & Institutional Member of the International OCD Foundation

Expand Your Life, Gain Freedom, & Get Relief from Your OCD!

Start Date: TBD

  • Space is limited to 8 teens! Ages 13-18
  • Eight Weeks – Wednesday Nights 5:30pm-7pm
  • Initial Assessment Required for Enrollment Suitability
  • Parental Involvement (or adult support) Required
  • Breaking Free From OCD Flyer

OCD Therapy Group – For Teens

  • Reduce OCD to feel better using research proven strategies & ERP
  • Peer support to increase COURAGE & face your fears
  • Keep improving & prevent relapses by using self-help exercises
  • Live life less restricted & gain peace of mind & FREEDOM
  • Learn how to EMBRACE uncertainty for OCD relief

OCD Therapy Group Description

Our Breaking Free From OCD therapy group provides a place to discuss and work on issues directly relevant to OCD. We will teach and support teens in understanding and taking control over their OCD symptoms through Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) exercises as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy methods (CBT). The goal of the group is to foster connections, support, and accountability for teens struggling with OCD and to make progress towards greater freedom and less distress associated with OCD. Each week will consist of an OCD discussion topic or question, along with a general check-in. The second half of the group will be focused on facing fears, step by step, together with the support of the group (Exposure Response Prevention). This may be done in the large group, individually, or in pairs and will also help create a specific ERP plan to practice for the week. Group support between group members will be discussed and encouraged (texts, emails, calls, during the week as needed).

Requirements For OCD Exposure Therapy ERP Group

Suitability For Group

Teen clients that are best suited for our OCD group know they have OCD (see general screening questions at the bottom of this page) and are ready for active therapy. Some will be beginners to treatment and some will have already had therapy for OCD and/or are currently receiving individual therapy. OCD can be quite complex, so supportive resources beyond and in addition to our 8-week group therapy program is likely needed.

15 Minute Free Phone Consultation

All interested participants will have a 15-minute free phone consultation (teen and parent required) with the OCD group therapist to learn more about your teen’s struggles, share more about our OCD group, & as appropriate, will schedule an initial assessment to further determine suitability.

Initial Assessment by OCD Therapist

An initial in-person assessment (60 minutes) with your teen and an adult support person (this is an additional, non-refundable, cost beyond the group fees) is required for all participants wanting to enroll in our Breaking Free From OCD Group. This allows our therapist to further determine your teen’s needs. Although we try to determine appropriateness during our first 15-minute consultation call, please understand that we may decide that our group is not suitable for a variety of reasons once we have completed this in-person assessment. When this occurs, we will offer treatment recommendations and do our best to offer referrals either within Palo Alto Therapy or to outside providers. If your teen is found to be an appropriate fit for our OCD group, the assessment information will help guide the therapy group.

Active Participation Outside of Group & Willingness to do Exposure Exercises

Solid and long lasting OCD therapy requires more effort than weekly group attendance. Those who wish to participate in our group need to be committed to practicing exposure and other exercises during the week, outside of group meetings. Participants also need to be willing to engage in OCD exposure exercises during the group with the guidance of our therapist and other peer members. Research shows that the people who have good results are those who are highly motivated to change and willing to put in the effort required.

45-Minute Therapy Meeting Included

To best optimize the experience in our OCD group, we have included one 45-minute therapy meeting with the group therapist. This will be an additional chance to discuss the client’s specific struggles, assist with customization of therapy, and other planning for success.This private therapy session will be scheduled during the course of the 8 week group or soon after, depending on availability.​


Each 8-week series is $995 plus $245 for the required initial assessment to determine suitability and appropriateness. The 8-week group fee includes educational reference materials as well as one 45-minute therapy meeting with the group therapist. These fees are non-refundable within 7 days of the first class, and there are no refunds regardless of how many groups are attended. A credit card will be required to hold enrollment and the full amount of the 8-week group will be charged once the minimum enrollment (4 members) is met.

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“The counseling I received from you has been a very positive life changing experience for me. I don’t like having OCD but it is no longer consuming my life and I really feel like I have made such great progress in squashing it without using medication. I can’t thank you enough.” Past Client

Group Leader: Natalie Henry, LCSWNatalie Henry LCSW OCD ERP Therapist CBT San Jose Palo Alto

With her thoughtful, calming, and genuine demeanor, Natalie helps her clients lead a fulfilling and balanced life. She believes that each person is unique and that counseling strategies must be focused on meeting each individual’s needs.

Natalie received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and her Master’s degree in Social Work at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has four years of experience in psychological research through the Beckman Institute at UIUC and is passionate about pursuing outside trainings in evidenced based therapy techniques to provide you with the highest level of care. Her trainings include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), TEAM therapy developed by David Burns, M.D. at Stanford, the OCD BTTI Certification through the OCD foundation, crisis Intervention, along with Mindfulness and Motivational Interviewing techniques.

In her free time, she enjoys traveling, baking and learning new pieces on the piano.

Do I Have OCD? These Questions May Help…

  • Do you have unwanted ideas, images, or impulses that seem silly, nasty or horrible?
  • Do you worry excessively about dirt, germs or chemicals?
  • Are you constantly worried that something bad will happen because you forgot something important, like locking the door or turning off appliances?
  • Are you afraid you will act of speak aggressively when you really don’t want to?
  • Are you always afraid you will lose something of importance?
  • Are there things you feel you must do excessively or thoughts you must think repeatedly to feel comfortable or ease anxiety?
  • Do you wash yourself or things around you excessively?
  • Do you have to check things over and over or repeat actions many times to be sure they are done properly?
  • Do you avoid situations or people you worry about hurting by aggressive words or actions?
  • Do you keep many useless things because you feel that you can’t throw them away?

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