Our Specialists in Cognitive Therapy Can Help With:

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Our Specialists in Cognitive Therapy Help With:

  • Anxiety, worry, panic attacks, OCD

  • Work, school, or family stress

  • Low self esteem and depression

  • Shyness and social nervousness

  • Relationship problems

If you struggle with any of the above, then you have come to the right place. At Palo Alto Therapy, we have the necessary expertise to help you improve your feelings, overcome problems, and achieve goals, all without long-term counseling. Our cognitive therapists are knowledgeable, warm, and patient, creating a relaxed atmosphere for clear conversation and tangible results even through difficult situations.

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“I have a better understanding of how life is viewed through the eyes of others. I found it helpful to talk about my problems, getting better insight on how my thought pattern affects the way I feel, and learning different techniques to improve my thoughts.” Past Client

Cognitive Therapy as Our Therapy of Choice

Cognitive therapy is highly recognized across the psychological community for its proven effectiveness in treating a variety of emotional concerns (CBT Works). Cognitive therapy can substantially reduce your distress – clinical trials have clearly shown this. Another important advantage of cognitive therapy is that it tends to be shorter than other types of therapy approaches. When used with our personable and down-to-earth approach, it can produce amazing rewards that change lives. Call us today to get started at 650-461-9026.