Cognitive Behavioral therapy for teens in Palo Alto

Professional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT for Children, Adolescents and Teens

Is Your Child or Teen Struggling with:

♦ Anxiety or Fears                 ♦ Irritability & Depression

♦ Shyness                               ♦ Social Struggles

♦ Trouble Sleeping                ♦ School Avoidance

Children and teenagers who are struggling inside often are unable to express what is bothering them, but it still can have a major impact on their overall well-being. At Palo Alto Therapy, we have the necessary expertise (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy trained) to help your child or teen improve his or her anxiety, be happier, and achieve improved mental health, all without long-term counseling.

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I liked the opportunity to talk with someone about my problems, someone who I was sure I could trust and who is an expert. Thank you for helping me feel normal.” Past Client

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Clear Your Child’s Roadblocks

We promise a down-to-earth, but focused approach that keeps your child or teenager comfortable while working towards tangible results. Our therapists are well trained and experienced to best support your family in moving forward, through your child’s difficulties. As we develop trust and a strong relationship with your child or teen, we also work to include you as the parents into their counseling for longer lasting results. By doing this, we help strengthen the tools that your child learns and help you understand the process as well. Parents are often fundamental in the health and well-being of their children, we understand this. Call us today to get started 650-461-9026.

Meet Our Team of CBT Therapists

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Palo Alto
San Jose
Samantha “Sam” Abbatiello, APCC
Bella Stitt, LMFT
Jennifer Sousa, LMFT, LPCC
Jacqui Lewis, LMFT, ATR-BC, CCTP
Kaitlyn “Katie” Markey-Johnson, LPCC
Linda CBT Palo Alto Therapy San Jose Video online therapist anxiety
Linda Rolufs, LMFT
Florina Petcu, LMFT
JoAnn Kukulus, LMFT
Hoi Yan “Nadia” Lau, LMFT
Victoria Tognozzi, LMFT
Deborah Coblentz, LMFT
Jeanne Jacobs palo alto therapy cbt anxiety san jose online video therapy anxiety
Jeanne Jacobs, LPCC
Elisa Richards, AMFT
Monica Burford, LMFT
Meg Glenn, ASW
Ernest Schmidt, LCSW
Jennifer Estes
Jennifer Estes, LCSW
Megan Taylor, LMFT
Anni Kelley-Day
Anni Kelley-Day, LPCC
Lisa Macedo, LMFT
Rory Cohen, LMFT
Laura Tolle, LMFT
Haneen Hassan, LMFT
Marco Hernandez, LMFT
Joshua Opatowsky, LCSW
Katherine “Kate” Jones, LMFT

Ages Served

  • Children 5 and up

  • Teens

  • Adults of all ages

Types of Therapy

  • Individuals

  • Couples & Family

  • Groups & Classes

  • Video Therapy

We Help With...

  • Anxiety & OCD

  • Panic & Worry

  • Phobias/Fears

  • School Anxiety

More Help For...

  • Depression

  • Motivation

  • ADHD & Stress

  • School Refusal


Specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we provide effective & caring counseling. Our therapists are passionate in delivering high-quality therapy & enhance their skills through the latest trainings.

Strong Relationships

Our relationship with you is valued & of highest importance. We are compassionate, respectful, & honest. Our professional counseling includes working side by side with you towards YOUR goals.

Short-Term & Focused

Our active therapists use tailored homework exercises to help you find relief in a timely manner. By keeping our meetings on track & targeting specific concerns we help you enjoy life again, usually in a matter of months not years.

Client Convenience

Appointments after 5pm & Saturdays, friendly administrative staff & two locations: Palo Alto & San Jose. We help children, teens & adults, couples, & families and offer classes & therapy groups. Video therapy available!

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Thank you for helping me make my life better. Past Client

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I liked how comfortable I felt sharing with my therapist – it was a nice open atmosphere Past Client