Anxiety to Wellness- Adult & Teen Therapy Classes

Anxiety Group Palo Alto Teens & Adults CBT

Do You Struggle with Anxiety, Worry, or Panic that Interferes with Your Happiness?

Is Your Teen Overly Stressed or Having a Tough Time with Anxiety?

Using proven tools, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, & group support, we can help you or your teen overcome anxiety and worry. At Palo Alto Therapy, we use evidenced based methods to help get past all types of anxiety; from social anxiety & public speaking to general worry or even panic. Join our next group!

8 Weeks to Less Worry & More Life

Adult Class

Starting: Friday, April 17th

Location: Video Class

Class Leader: Florina Petcu, LMFT


8 Week Classes Begin:

April 14th and 17th

Video Classes

*Classes will not be held in person

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Space is limited 

Teen Class

Starting: Tuesday, April 14th

Location: Video Class

Class Leader: Meg Glenn, ASW


What Our Anxiety Class Members Are Saying…

I was worried about judgmental thoughts and the people I would meet, but everyone was so supportive. 🙂

Past Teen Member 

The group aspect was largely helpful. Hearing my peers share and respond back to me was extremely eye opening.

Past Teen Member 

Loved the understanding within the environment & learning about how others struggle with similar problems.

Past Class Member

It will make you feel less alone and more confident in everyday life.

Past Teen Member 

It’s a great benefit to anyone with anxiety issues and helpful with ways to combat it.

Past Class Member 

The experience was really great. I got to be in a supportive group with teens like me.

Past Teen Member 

It was informative, thorough, and very helpful. Most definitely worth it!

Past Class Member

I found it easier to share with the group than expected and doing the in-class exercise was helpful.

Past Class Member 

I have been in therapy for many years individually but never a group. I was worried I would be a “freak” with totally different issues than anyone else. Rather than being different like I feared, I was shocked at how other people had the same issues and thoughts as me. I didn’t even realize how badly I needed to be with other people who understand my feelings. I no longer feel like a “freak” for what my brain does because I know plenty of others who do the exact same weird things as me.

Past Teen Member

Reduce Your Anxiety & Feel Better

Join Our 8 Week CBT Anxiety to Wellness Class

  • Reduce your anxiety & feel better through research proven strategies
  • Support, encouragement & group accountability to beat anxiety together
  • Keep improving & prevent relapses through learning self-help exercises
  • Live life less restricted & gain peace of mind
  • Small groups to ensure an optimal supportive environment
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The Anxiety Class May Be Right for Me!

“I’ve learned a lot and feel much more prepared to deal with my anxiety” Past Class Member

Each class (Adult & Teen) is a total of $680, plus a one-time $25 material fee. The teen class includes a free phone consultation meeting with Meg Glenn, ASW. Each member of the adult class also receives a 30 minute individual meeting with the class leader. A credit card is required upon registration. Our Anxiety to Wellness Class is a great way to experience some of the rewards of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy but in a supportive group setting.

Call 650-461-9026 to Enroll or Learn More!

Class Leaders


Florina Petcu, LMFT

Meg Glenn, ASW